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MRS. MARY D. BLAYNEY. The earliest representatives of the Blayney family in the United States, of whom there is any record, were Charles Blayney and his parents, who came from Ireland to America when Charles was seven years of age. Soon after landing they settled in what is now Ohio county, W. Va., and here the parents carried on farming during the remainder of their lives, and here Charles also passed the rest of his days. He acquired his education at the subscription schools of the period. He married Ann Potter, who bore him children as follows: William, Vincent M. and Josiah. The mother of these dying, Mr. Blayney for his second wife married Nancy Faris, and the children born to this union were John, Elizabeth (wife of William Reed), Susanna (wife of John Valentine), Charles, Martha (wife of Rev. George McDonald), James, David, Adam, Rev. Henry and Rev. J. McCluskey. The father of this family died June 11, 1860, the mother November 10, 1880.

Vincent M. Blayney, the second son of Charles and Ann (Potter) Blayney, was born in Ohio county, W. Va., January 12, 1815, and received a liberal education at the schools of his locality. On August 27, 1844, he was married to Mary E., daughter of Samuel Donahey, of Buffalo township. Joseph Donahey, father of Samuel, was a native of Ireland, whence he emigrated to this county with his wife Mary Alexander, and two children, becoming one of the earliest settlers of Washington county, Penn. His children were William and Jane, born in Ireland; and Samuel, Joseph, Mary and Margaret born here. The father of this family was a member and for years an elder of the Presbyterian Church at Upper Buffalo; in politics he was an Old-line Whig, and he was a successful and enterprising citizen. Samuel Donahey was born in Buffalo township, Washington Co., Penn., about 1786, where he was reared to farm life, receiving his education at the schools of the neighborhood. In his early manhood he was married to Anna, daughter of William Reed, and to this union were born the following children: Joseph, William, Margaret (wife of Rev. J. M. Smith), Mary D. (Mrs. Vincent M. Blayney), Jane (wife of Rev. J. Marshall) and Anna (wife of Rev. J. M. shields). Samuel Donahey was a consistent member of the Presbyterian Church at Upper Buffalo, and at the time of his death, December 25, 1840, was an elder in the same. Politically we was originally a Whig, and afterward, on the formation of the party, a stanch Republican.

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent M. Blayney, after a residence of six years in Ohio county, W. Va., settled on the farm in Buffalo township (where the family continue to reside). Mr. Blayney had by his first marriage one child, John S., and by his second, five children: Anna J. (wife of Dr. D. S. Eagleson), Rev. Charles P., Samuel D. (ruling elder in the Upper Buffalo Presbyterian Church), William V. and Joseph C. Mr. Blayney was called from earth March 18, 1887. He was a warm supporter of the Presbyterian Church, and a devout member; politically he was a stanch Republican, and at various times held offices of trust in his township. His life vocation was general farming and stock raising, at which he made a well-merited success through assiduous industry and perseverance. A progressive and loyal citizen, he gave liberally of his means to all public enterprises.

Text taken from page 914 of:
Beers, J. H. and Co., Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania (Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1893).

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