Twelfth Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

"The companies which marched from Washington borough and Monongahela City to join the Twelfth Regiment, ... were raised for three months' service, a term which at that time was thought to be ample for the suppression of the Rebellion. After the filling of the first quotas the War Department changed its policy and ceased to accept three months' men, the term of service required being three years or during the war, with some exceptions of two years' regiments.The Twelfth was one of the earliest regiments to enter the field. The field officers had all received a military training. The two Washington County companies of the Twelfth were designated in the regimental organization as "E" and "G" companies. Lists of their officers and enlisted men are given below: (Unit mustered in to service April 25, 1861)"

Company E
Recruited at Washington


Norton McGiffin, capt., pro. to lieut. col; James Armstrong, capt.; William F. Templeton, 1st lieut; Samuel F. Griffith, 2nd lieut.; Oliver R. McNary, 1st sergt.; David Brady, 2nd sergt.; John Q. A. Boyd, 3rd sergt.; David Acheson, 4th sergt.; John D. McKahan, 1st corp.; Henry Brown, 2nd corp; Robert B. Elliot, 3rd corp.; George B. Caldwell, 4th corp.; William A. McCoy, Simeon W. Lewis, musicians.


John W. Acheson, Henry H. Alter, James Barr, Edward W. Bausman, Peter Blonberg, Hugh P. Boon, John V. Brobst, John A. Byers, John L. Cook, Henry M. Dougan, Horace B. Durant, Tertius A. Durant, Henry Erdman, Hardman Gantz, John L. Gettys, James Grier, John M. Griffith, Charles Hallam, William T. Hamilton, Alexander C. Hamilton, William Hart, Eli Hess (died), William H. Horn, Robert P. Hughes, Andrew J. Hyde, James B. Kennedy, John Kendall, Phillip P. Kuntz, John Lawton, Joseph Lane, Matthew P. Linn, Charles L. Linton, John Loughman, Taylor McFarland, Thomas M. McKeever, John McKeever, Caleb I. McNulty, James W. Montford, William M. Morrison, Henry C. Odenbaugh, George A. Perrett, Rollin O. Phillips, Henry A. Purviance, Alexander Rankin, George W. Reed, Samuel B. Rickey (died), John B. Ritner, Alexander W. Scott, Cephas D. Sharp, David Shepherd, James Stocking, Andrew J. Swart, John R. Sweeny, Samuel M. Templeton, Joseph H. Templeton, Robert Thompson, Robert L. Thompson, William H. Underwood, Isaac Vance, George I. Walker, Andrew W. Wilson, James B. Wilson, Roobert T. Wishart, Wesley Wolf

Company G
Monongahela Artillery, Recruited at Monongahela City


Robert F. Cooper, capt.; John S. McBride, 1st lieut.; Jesse C. Taylor, 2nd lieut.; William W. Thompson, 1st sergt.; John Myers, 2nd sergt.; Owen Bullard, 3rd sergt.; John S. Slanger, 4th sergt.; Rees Boyd, 1st corp.; Benjamin F. Scott, 2nd corp.; John H. Woodward, 3rd corp.; Alexander O. D. O'Donovan, 4th corp.; Frederick Layman, Musician; James S. Scott, musician.


Francis Allen, Isaac R. Beazell, John Boyd, William B. Brooks, John Bellas, William Baxter, Jr., Samuel W. Beazell, Michael Barry, Patrick Collins, Sylvester Collins, William S. Cooper, Benjamin D. Dickey, John C. Dougherty, Andrew Elliot, William H. H. Eberhard, Andrew Grant, Alexander Gregg, John M. Gibbs, Joseph D. V. Hazzard, S. Bently Howe, William H. Howe, James S. Harris, William H. Heath, William J. Hoffman, Alexander Haney, David Kearney, Henry B. King, William G. Kennedy, James L. Long, Andrew Louderback, Ellis N. Lilley, George C. Leighty, David Morton, James Mehaffy, Charles McCain, William T. Meredith, Thomas Morgan, Thomas Mack, William Mack, Daniel Mockbee, Jacob S. Miller, Augustus J. Miller, Hillery Miller, John Merrick, William Ong, Charles Oliver, William Oliver, George W. Potts, Samuel B. Paxton, Samuel Pritchard, Joseph G. Reager, Harrison Remington, John Rinard, Reuben Sutton, George Stewart, Alfred M. Sickman, Jefferson G. Vangilder, Theophilus Vankirk, Robert S. Wilson, William Woodward, William H. H. Wickerham, James S. White, Samuel Young, Daniel D. Yates

Crumrine, Boyd, "History of Washington County, Pennsylvania with Biographical Sketches" (Philadelphia: L. H. Everts & Co., 1882), pp 311-312 in a section entitled "War of the Rebellion". Transcribed by Karen Souhrada of Pittsford, NY.


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