Sixth Pennsylvania Regiment of Militia

"On the 4th of September Governor Curtin issued a proclamation calling on the people to arm and prepare for defense....In September, 1862, two companies of men from Washington (many of them past the military age) marched to the front, and as a part of the Sixth Regiment of Pennsylvania militia, encamped at a point about two miles west of Chambersburg, PA., awaiting orders to move against the Confederate army, which had crossed the Potomac into Maryland with the evident intention of invading Pennsylvania. "

"Of the field and staff officers of the Sixth Regiment, Col. James Armstrong, Quartermaster David Aiken, and Chaplain William P. Aldrich were residents of Washington. The rolls of the two Washington County companies are here given, viz:

Mustered into service on the 13th of September, and mustered out on the 29th of September; in defense of the State of Pennsylvania."

Company A


Capt. Norton McGiffin (Washington); 1st lieut. Samuel M. Templeton Washington); 2nd lieut. Henry H. Alter (Washington); 1st sergt. James B. Wilson (Washington); sergts., Charles B. McCollum, David Brady, John W. Wolf, James C Acheson (Washington); corps., Joseph M. Spriggs, Harvery B. McCollum (Washington), John Steck (Greenburg), John Wiley, Thomas G. Wolf, James R. Thompson, Henry M. Aiken, John W. Dinsmore (Washington); musician, Charles White, Washington


(all from Washington, unless otherwise noted)

Henry H. Arnold, John C. Alrich, William Allen, Isaac N. Bane, John B. Beatty, William S. Beatty, Norton Braddock, William Burke, Samuel Cooke, John L. Cooke, Samuel A. Clarke, George W. Driver, George L. Gow, William Greer, Charles Glaun, John Hainer, John N. Hainer, George Hammond, John B. Hallam, George O. Jones. Thomas C. Kerr, Joseph C. Keiser, Aexander Litle, George O. Lindsey, Gustavus A. Loukert, Jeremiah Marshall, George W. Murphy, William McClane, James McCreary, John E. McCullough, Jacob B. McKennan (Brownsville), Archibald B. McAllister, William Paul, Samuel H. Rial, James Goodrich Ruple, George Rods, John P. Reimund, Anthony D. Rickey, James Seaman, John W. Seaman, Robert F. Strean, John H. Scott, Alex. M. Todd, Theodore Turner, Robert L. Thompson, Dan. C. Vallentine, William C. Vance, Ferdinand J. P. Varro, Thomas M. Wiley, John W. Wiley, Francis J. L. Wiley, John C. S. Weills, David T. Watson, John G. Windworth, Samuel K. Weirich, James S. Wolf, Frederick F. Wotring

Company F


Capt. John H. Ewing (Washington), 1st lieut., Alfred Creigh (Washington); 2nd lieut., Samuel O. Williams (Washington); 1st sergt., James M. Byers (Washington); sergts., William F. Fleming, William Hart, Thomas D. O'Hara, George W. Reed (Washington); corps., Samuel W. Griffith, James Brown, Robert Baird Patterson, James R. Ruth, Matthew P. Linn, William Phillips, William
W. Smith, Frank Gabby (Washington)

(all from Washington, unless otherwise noted)

David Aiken, William Amon, Alexander Agnew, Robert W. Andrews, Andrew J. Buffington, Nathan F. Brobst, John Baird, Hugh J. Cunningham, George W. Clark, Matthew H. Clark, Boyd Crumrine, John R. Donehoo, Richard R. Forest, Samuel Foster, Henry Foster, John Gregg, David Guinea, John J. Guinea, Charles Grier, Joseph Henderson, Joseph Holmes, Samuel Hazlett, George S. Hart, William P. Hart, Samuel Hutson, Joseph A. Jones, James E. Lucas, John P. Linn, John Lowe, William Mathews, Jacob Metzler, George Mitchel, John H. Marshall, John A. Marchand, T. M. T. McKennan, Thomas McKean, John McElroy, William Post, Colin M. Reed, Sr., Jacob F. Shafer, Samuel Straller, Thomas Stewart, John W. Scott, John Scott, Sample Sweeney, John R. Sweeney, James Smiley, R. J. Schaffer Thompson, John Wilson, Edward Wilkins, William Wiley, Tappan Wright Wiley, John Westley, John A. Wills, James S. Young

Crumrine, Boyd, "History of Washington County, Pennsylvania with Biographical Sketches" (Philadelphia: L. H. Everts & Co., 1882), pp 363-364 in a section entitled "War of the Rebellion". Transcribed by Karen Souhrada of Pittsford, NY.


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