Early Marriage Records from the Washington Reporter

The following transcription was submitted by Paula Chodacki of Almont, MI for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in October 1998.

These records were transcribed from microfilm (obtained from the LDS library, film #1888963) of the original documents.

1. Thursday, Jan. 18, 1810 
William Howell & Miss Margaret Ashbaugh, dau. of Simon Ash- 
baugh. By John McMullan Esq. 

2. Jan. 18 1810 
Peter Hammers to Miss Mary Philipps of Cumberland Twp., 
Greene Co., Pa. 

3. Feb. 8, 1810 
John Stockdil & Miss Margaret McComb.By Rev. Mathew Brown. 

4. Feb. 28, 1810 
James Gordon & Miss Polly Officer, dau. of Thomas Officer. By 
Rev. Matthew Brown of Washington. 

5. Thursday, Mar. 7, 1810 
Alexander McGinley & Esther Jones. By Rev. Matthew Brown of 

6. Mar. 7, 1810 
Thomas Urie & Rebecca Crosby, dau. of John Crosby, Esq. By 
Rev. John Anderson. West Middletown. 

7. Mar. 15, 1810 
Died----Margaret Anderson, wife of Robert Anderson, Esq. 
Left four small children. 

8. Thrusday May 17, 1810 
Morgan Heaton and Elizabeth Weaver, dau. of Isaac Weaver of 
Green Co. Margan was the son of Col. John Heaton. By Rev. 
Moses Allen. 

9. July 5, 1810 
James Brownlee, Jr. to Mary Jolley. By Rev. Matthew Brown. 

10. July 18, 1810 
William Wislon of Phila & Miss Margaret Wilson, dau. of John 
Wilson, Esq. of Washington. By Rev. Matthew Brown. 

11. Sept. 12, 1810 
Joh Shearer of Chillicothe, Ohio to Miss Rosanna Wolfe, dau. of 
Jacob Wolfe, Esq. of Washington Co. By Rev. Matthew Brown. 

12. Sept. 6, 1810 
Isaac Kenney to Jane Ashby. By Rev. Boyd Mercer. 

13. Sept. 24, 1810 
Capt. Joseph Weaver of Bucks Co. to Hetty Spinner. 

14. Oct. 17, 1810 
John Sharp, son of George Sharp, to Miss Jane McCarrel, dau. 
of Mr. John McCarrel. Both of Buffalo. By John Buchanan, Esq. 

15. Oct. 22, 1810 
Died----Sarah, wife of Arthur Chamberlain of this county. 

16. Oct. 1810 
William S. Graham, editor of Westmoreland and Indiana 
Register, to Jame Greet of Greensburg. At Greensburg. 

17. Nov. 29, 1810 
Hugh Hazlett, merchant of Burgettstown to Mary Anne 
McFadden. By Rev. Boyd Mercer. 

18. Jan. 21, 1811 
Died----wife of James Chambers. 

19. Jan. 8, 1811 
Patrick McCullough of Somerset Twp. died at the age of 76. 

20. Jan. 27, 1811 
Samuel anderson to Mary Berryhill of Short Creek, VA. By Rev. 
James Hughe at West Liberty, VA. 

21. Jan. 31, 1811 
David Stille of Charlestown to Elizabeth Tarr, dau. of Henry Tarr 
of Washington. By Rev. Matthew Luce. 

22. Feb. 17, 1811 
died----John Moore. Dep. Surveyer of Co. aged 73. 

23. Feb. 17, 1811 
Died----Esther, wife of Paul Morrow, aged 31. 

24. Alexander Campbell, Minister of the Gospel to Miss Margaret 
Brown, dau. of John Brown of Brooke Co., Va. By Rev. James 

25. Feb 28. 1811 
John Campbell to Miss Beall, dau. of Zephaniah Beall, Esq. of 
E. Bethlehem.

26. Tuesday, Mar. 26, 1811. 
Samuel Cunningham to Maria Morris, dau. of David Morris of 
Washington. by rev. Matthew Brown. 

27. Apr. 17, 1811 
Hamilton brownlee to Miss Latitia McDowell of Buffalo. By Rev. 
Matthew Brown. 

28. Apr. 22, 1811 
William Lippencott to Sarah Stout. 

29. May 7, 1811 
George Carroll to Miss Mary Good, dau. of Patrick Good of 
Washington. By Rev. Matthew Brown. 

30. May 7, 1811 
Solomon Cooke to Easther Brice, dau. of James Brice of 
Washington. By Rev. Thadeus Dodd at Amity. 

31. May 15, 1811 
William findley to Miss Jane Leech. By Rev. Matthew Brown 

32. May 27, 1811 
Col. Edward Martin to Sarah Fowler at Albany. 

33. July 29, 1811 
Thomas McKibben, merchant to Matilda Toucks. Both of 

34. Aug. 25, 1811 
Died----at the home of Samuel Lacock, Mr. Joseph Lacock, age 

35. June 10, 1811 
Separation Notice----Elizabeth, wife of Levi Merit of Richill Twp., 
Greene Co. was Elizabeth Belford. Married 15 months. Eloped 
8 times. 

67. Feb. 17, 1813 
R. Lacock to Elizabeth Oliver. Both of Ten Mile. By Rev. 
Matthias Luce. 

68. Feb. 17, 1813 
William Ferguson of Allegheny Co. to Wilhelmina Deye of 
Washington. By rev. Matthias Luce. 

69. Mar. 31, 1813 
George Lockhart to Nancy Brice. By rev. Matthew Brown. 

70. Mar. 31, 1813 
James Bell of Virginia to Margaret Woodburn of W. Alexander. 

71. Mar. 18, 1813 
John baker Jr. to Catherine Leatherman. 

72. June 3, 1813 
Thomas Patton to Mary Tayler, dau. of Gen. Tayler. 
By Rev. Mr. Ramsey. 

73. June 9, 1813 
John Barrinton of Charlestown to Catherine H. Baker of Wash- 
ington. By Rev. Dr. Doddridge. 

74. June 30, 1813 
James Thompson to Polly Sweeney. By Rev. Mr. Phillips. 

75. Oct. 18, 1813 
Mr. Reynolds to Miss Nichol 

76. Oct. 18, 1813 
Mr. Reynolds to Miss Nichol. 

77. Oct. 18, 1813 
Mr. Hammond to Miss Leadwith. 

78. Oct. 18, 1813 
Mr. Harvery to Miss Scott. 

79. Oct. 18, 1813 
Mrs. Leadwith to Nancy Meetkirke. 

80. Oct. 18, 1813 
Mr. Lawrence to Miss Cooper. 

81. Oct. 18, 1813 
Dr. Wilson to Miss Birch. 

82. Oct. 18, 1813, 
Mr. Robb to Mary Meetkirke. 

83. Oct. 18, 1813 
Mr. Jolley to Miss Chambers. 

84. Oct. 12, 1808 
Joseph gillespie to Jane McBurney, dau. of James McBurney. 
By Rev. Matthew Brown. 

85. Dec. 7, 1808 
Allen Lieper to Mary Bell, dau. of Robert Bell. By Samuel 
England, Esq.

103. Dec. 28, 1813 
Daniel Huston to Elizabeth Clark, dau. of David Clark, By 
Rev. Jos. Stockton. 

104. Dec. 30, 1813 
Benjamin Howe to Hannah Hamson. By Rev. Matthias Luce. 

105. Jan. 26, 1814 
Mr. Gray of Ohio to Margaret Henry. By Eleazer Jenkins, Esq. 

106. Jan. 11, 1814 
John McMillan to Sarah Weaver. 

107. Feb. 2, 1814 
Henry McMurray to Elizabeth Wilson. By Rev. Matthew Brown. 

108. Feb. 1, 1814 
David Carmack to Elizabeth Schwartz, dau. of Henry 
Schwartz. by William Irwin, Esq. 

109. Mar. 20, 1814 
Mr. Isaac K. Russell to Hannah Drake. By Rev. Mr. Reeder. 

110. Feb. 28, 1814 
Jacob Weaver of Fayette Co., to Mary Rodgers, dau. of 
Thomas Rodgers. By. rev. James Guthrie. 

111. Mar. 28, 1814 
Mr. Brown of Circleville, Ohio to Sarah Fitzwilliams. 

112. Apr. 5, 1814 
John Jones of Somersett Twp. to Rachel Frew of Pike Run. By 
Rev. Mr. McCracken. 

113. Apr. 13, 1814 
Joseph Clark to Catherine Andrews, dau. of Daniel Andrews. 
By Rev. Matthew Brown. 

114. May 3, 1814 
James W. McKemey to Martha Allison, dau. of Joseph Allison. 
By Rev. Mr. Denney in chambersburg. 

115. May 18, 1814 
Daniel L. Goble to Elizabeth Dille of Belmont Co. By John 
Sowerhofer, Esq. 

116. June 8, 1814 
John White to Mary May. By Rev. Mr. Ramsey. 

117. July 1, 1814 
Samuel Wilkins to Betty Norris. 

118. July 17, 1814 
Died----Mary, wife of John Chamberlain of Ten Mile. Aged 42 

119. Aug. 12, 1814 
died----Samuel Shannon, one of first inhabitants. Aged 63. 

120. Nov. 6, 1814 
James Harper, painter to Juliet Wilcox. By A. Weaver, Esq. at 
Lancaster, Ohio

174. May 19, 1818 
Jacob Bighead to Sarah McClain. By Rev. Boyd Mercer. 

175. May 20, 1818 
Eliphalet Cozad to Miss Montgomery of Morris Twp. By Rev. 
Thomas Hoge. 

176. May 14, 1818 
John Scott to Matilda Weakley, dau. of Samuel Weakley of 
of Cumberland Co. by Rev. George Duffield. 

177. June 2, 1818 
Died----Jane, wife of Alexander Reed. Aged 44. Was dau. of 
Rev. Colin McFargwhar of Lancaster Co. 

178. June 4, 1818 
William Turner to Polly Richeson. By Rev. Mr. Munrow. 

179. June 4, 1818 
Jacob Lash to Elizabeth Leyda. by Henry McDonough, Esq. 

180. June 4, 1818 
George Stacher to Esther Hotingohow. By John White, Esq. 

181. June 2, 1818 
Israel Ruland of Ohio to Keziah burnett of Morris Twp. 

182. June 17, 1818 
Andrew Link of Racoon to Catherine Dailey. By Rev. Boyd 

183. June 16, 1818 
George Burd of Bedford, attorney-at-law, to Eliza Waugh, dau. 
of Rev. Waugh, dec'd of Cumberland Co., Pa. By Rev. Andrew 

184. June 24, 1818 
James Eckles to Agness Cameron. by Rev. Boyd Mercer. 

185. July 1, 1818 
Samuel Dowson to Rebecca Stanley. By Rev. Thomas Hoge. 

186. June 24, 1818 
Silas Lindley to Phoebe Headley of Morris Twp. By Rev. Mr. 

187. July 2, 1818 
Joseph Stewart to Margaret Leyda of W. Bethleham. By 
Eleazer Jinkens, Esq. 

188. July 2, 1818 
Simon Rareick to Sarah Lash. By Rev. Mr. Weyant. 

189. July 14, 1818 
John Smith to Eliza Richardson. By A. Sweringen, Esq. 

190. July 21, 1818 
Dr. Jonathan Letherman to Anne Ritchie, dau. of Craig Ritchie, 
Esq. By Rev. John McMillan. 

191. July 31, 1818 
Jacob Shepherd to Mary Bristo. By rev. Mr. Munrow. 

192. July 16, 1818 
William Guttery to Margaret Dobbs. By Rev. Mr. Riggs. 
Paula Chodacki 
Almont, MI.

247. June 2, 1819 
Dr. James W. Clemens to Eleanor Sherrand, dau. of William 
Sherrand. By Rev. Thomas Hoge. 

248. June 2, 1819 
Samuel Kemmil to Catherine Good, dau. of Jacob Good. By 
Rev. charles Wheeler. 

249. June 9, 1814 
Aaron Moore to Elizabeth Hill of Donegall. By Rev. Thomas L. 

250. June 9, 1814 
James Jones to Polly Gourley. By Rev. Thomas L. Birch. 

251. June 17, 1814 
Samuel F. Titten of Maryland to Rachel Poland. by S. Bentley, 

252. June 17, 1814 
William Long to Miss Krider. by Rev. Winters. 

253. June 16, 1819 
John gooden to Sarah Gardner. by Rev. Mr. Dodd. 

254. June 29, 1819 
Nehemiah Baldwin to Patience Tunis. By Rev. Cephus Dodd. 

255. Jacob Kelsey to Elizabeth Loughman. By James Gilmore, 

256. June 24, 1819 
Jesse Kees to Susanna Redd of Fallowfield. By Rev. Boyd 

257. July 7, 1819 
Thomas Brice to Phoebe Goble. By Rev. Matthew Brown. 

258. July 7, 1819 
John burt to Elizabeth Rea. By David Little, Esq. 

259. June 23, 1819 
S.C. Stambaugh, editor, to Ann Wielder of Lancaster. 

260. June 27, 1819 
Peter Hardt of York, to Catherine Sides of Hanover. 

261. June 27, 1819 
Jacob Lefever, editor, to Elizabeth Ferguson of Gettysburg, 
By. Rev. John Herost. 

262. June 30, 1819 
Duncan McDonald, editor of New York to Julia Ann Spafford, 
day, if Dr. Spafford. By _____Thompson, Esq. 

263. July 15, 1819 
George McCoy to Nancy Ewart of East Bethlehem. By Rev. 
Boyd Mercer. 

264. July 15, 1819 
Andrew Smith to Rececca Jenkins. By Rev. Boyd Mercer. 

265. July 13, 1819 
Stephen Baxter to Miss Crispen, dau. of Silas Crispen of 
Morris Twp. By J. Condiet, Esq.

284. Nov. 4, 1819 
James Herron to Sarah Clokey, dau. of James Clokey. By 
Rev. Alexander Wilson. 

285. Nov. 11, 1819 
William McCadden to Ann Gesh. By Rev. Boyd Mercer. 

286. Nov. 14, 1819 
John Fisher to Margaret Ricket of W. Bethlehem. By Rev. 
Thomas Dayton. 

287. Nov. 11, 1819 
S. Bentley, Esq. to Mrs. Hannah Kenworthy. By Wm. Welch, 

288. Nov. 18, 1819 
Richard Morten to Margaret Hill. By Rev. Henry Speer. 

289. Dec. 1, 1819 
Died----Rachel, wife of Jonathan Martin of Strabane. Left one 

290. Dec. 13, 1819 
Henry Bell of Ohio Co., Va. to Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. John 
Conklin of Morris Twp. By Rev. Joshus Monroe. 

291. Dec. 2, 1819 
William McCurdy of Brooke Co., Va. to Margaret Crusan. By 
Rev. John Anderson. 

292. Dec. 7, 1819 
Thomas McKibben, Sr. to Mrs. Elizabeth Scott. By David 
Little, Esq. 

293. Dec. 9, 1819 
William L. Oliver to Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph Huston. By Rev. 
Matthew Brown. 

294. Dec. 9, 1819 
William Griffin to Elizabeth, dau. of Horatio White. By Rev. 
George Brown. 

295. Dec. 11, 1819 
Philip Allen to Christena Oller. By rev. Charles Wheeler. 

296. Dec. 13, 1819 
In Georgia----David Hodge aged 102 years 2 months to Mrs. 
Elizabeth Bailey, aged 40. He was at Braddock's Defeat.

333. April 20, 1820 
Michael Johns of Maryland to Margaret Hazlett. By Rev. 
Charles Wheeler. 

334. April 13, 1820 
Jacob Miller of Amwell to Mary Friend of W. Bethlehem. By 
Rev. Matthias Luce. 

335. April 13, 1820 
Mark Mitchell to Sarah Freeman. by S. Bentley, Esq. 

336. April 13, 1820 
William Wallace to Miss Hazelbaker. By S. Bentley, Esq. 

337. April 13, 1820 
Amos Headley to Experience Lindley. By Rev. Cephus Dodd. 

338. April 17, 1820 
Reuben Turner to Elizabeth Henry. By James Gilmore, Esq. 

339. April 24, 1820 
William Seaber to Mrs. Phoebe Todd. By Rev. Boyd Mercer. 

340. April 20, 1820 
John anderson to Mary Tennis of Buffalo. By Samuel Urie, Esq 

341. April 18, 1820 
Adam Miller of Donegal to Esther, dau. of Philip Hewit of 
Canton. By Rev. Jacob Winter. 

342. April 27, 1820 
Alexander Buchanan of Wheeling to Sarah Cooper of Wash- 
ington. By Rev. Joshus Munroe. 

343. April 27, 1820 
Jeremiah Allen to Jane Parkinson, both of Allegheny Co. By 
Rev. samuel Ralston. 

344. April 27, 1820 
Thomas Blackmore to Nancy Loveless, both of Peters Twp. By 
Rev. David Philips. 

345. May 4, 1820 
Andrew Allison to Sarah Morton, both of Peters Twp. By John 
Bowers, Esq. 

346. May 11, 1820 
John roberts to Elizabeth Wall. By Rev. Charles Wheeler. 

347. May 2, 1820 
Rev. James Rowland to Maria Christmass of Wooster, Ohio. 
By Rev. Thomas Barr.

363. June 29, 1820 
Jacob Crow to Ann riggs of Pike Run. By Rev. G. Baker. 

364. June 20, 1820 
John J. Jacob to Elizabeth Fetter of Wellsburg. By Rev. 
Joseph Doddridge. 

365. July 18, 1820 
John Rosborough to Angel Scott, dau. of Wm. Scott. of Not- 
tingham. by Rev. Boyd Mercer. 

366. Aug. 1, 1820 
Arthur Logan to Jane Kirkpatrick. Peters. By Rev. A. Wilson. 

367. Aug. 8, 1820 
Rev. William Reed, son of William Reed of Canton, to Maria 
Cooke. By Rev. Matthew Brown. 

368. Aug. 24, 1820 
Elias Wick of Toumble Co., Ohio to Elizabeth, dau. of Daniel 
Johnston of Morris. By. Rev. Andrew Wylie. 

369. Aug. 12, 1820 
Died----William Curry of Amwell, soldier in Revolution. 

370. Aug. 19, 1820 
Anthony Sampson to Rachel Baldwin. By A. Sweringen, Esq. 

371. Aug. 31, 1820 
John b. conrod of Pike Run to Catherine Ferguson of Somer- 

372. Aug. 31, 1820 
John boyd to Susanna Hoffman. By William Wallace, Esq. 

373. Aug. 29, 1820 
George Rhine to Elizabeth Cunningham. By Rev. Mr. Brown. 

374. Aug. 31, 1820 
Samuel Cook to Hannah, dau. of Wm. McFarland of Amwell. 
By Rev. Cephus Dodd. 

375. Aug. 31, 1820 
Lieut. Joseph Wier to Jamina Squires of Morris. By Rev. 
Cephus Dodd. 

376. Sept. 14, 1820 
Samuel Vance of Strabane to Martha Fife of Allegheny Co. By 
Rev. William Woods. 

377. Sept 21, 1820 
Samuel Page of Steubenville to Mrs. Elizabeth Bertie. By Rev. 
Joshua Monroe. 

378. Sept. 21, 1820 
Daniel Mowry of Pittsburg to Jane Wylie, dau. of Wm. Wylie of 
Canton. By Rev. James Ramsey.

555. Jan. 23, 1823 
Joseph Hill of W. Bethlehem to Catherine, dau. of John 
Conrod of Pike Run. by Rev. Mr. Spears. 

557. Feb. 4, 1823 
John Graham to Sarah, dau. of David Bonner of Greenfield, 
Ohio. By Rev. Samuel Carothers. 

558. Feb. 13, 1823 
David Birch to Creutia Vankirke. By Rev. Charles Wheeler. 

559. Feb. 24, 1823 
William Lawther to Isabella, dau. of Thomas McKeen of Buffa- 
lo. By James allison, Esq. 

560. Feb. 25, 1823 
Robert Jackson to Eliza Ann, dau. of A. Johnston. By Rev. 
George Brown. 

561. Feb. 28, 1823 
Joseph Vankirke to Eliza Curran of Amwell. By Rev. Charles 

562. Feb. 19, 1823 
David Templeton to Margaret, dau. of James Martin of Stra- 
bane. By Rev. David French. 

563. Feb. 23, 1823 
Rev. Thomas Hanna to Jemima, dau. of Robert Patterson, 
Esq. of Jefferson Co., Ohio. By Rev. Joseph Anderson. 

564. Mar. 2, 1823 
Abraham Gardner to Catherine Christy of Amwell. By Rev. 
Charles Wheeler. 

565. Mar. 6, 1823 
Joseph Brice to Hannah, dau. of John Flemming. By Rev. 
Charles Wheeler. 

566. Mar. 6, 1823 
William Kirk to Agness, dau. of Patrick Lindsey. By Rev. 
Charles Wheeler.

613. Oct. 28, 1823 
Elderkin Potter, Esq. of New Lisbon, Ohio to Jane, dau. of 
late Rev. Samuel Waugh of Cumberland Co. By Rev. Isaac 
Keller of Bedford, Pa. 

614. Oct. 30, 1823 
John Ross to Mary, dau. of David Craig of W. Middletown. By 
Rev. Samuel Findley. 

615. Oct. 23, 1823 
Thomas Patterson Pollock to Cynthia, dau. of John Carter. By 
Rev. Cephus Dodd. 

616. Nov. 13, 1823 
Cyrus Huston to Mary, dau. of Jacob Swartz. By Rev. Cephus 

617. Nov. 13, 1823 
Henry Mullen to Sarah Griffiths. By Rev. Charles Wheeler. 

618. Nov. 13, 1823 
Robert Hilton to Hannah McCool. By Rev. Thomas Hoge. 

619. Nov. 16, 1823 
Henry Beck to Sophia Shelby. By Rev. Charles Wheeler. 

620. Nov. 11, 1823 
Rev. A. O. Patterson of Mt. Pleasant, Pa. to Maria E., dau. of 
Rev. Speer of Greensburg. By Rev. Porter. 

621. Nov. 20, 1823 
Thomas Brice to Nancy Harriot of Fayette Co. By Rev. Jeffrey. 

622. Dec. 1, 1823 
Charles Dickerson of New Brunswick NJ. to Harriet, dau. of 
Philip and Susan Anderson, formerly of Washington, PA. 

623. Nov. 28, 1823 
George W. Clarke of Belmont Co., to Eliza, dau. of Patrick 
Moore. By Rev. Henry Furlong. 

624. Nov. 28, 1823 
William Marshall to Rebecca Shaw. By Rev. John Graham. 

625. Nov. 16, 1823 
Stephen Snyder to Mary, dau. of Joseph Wilson. By Thomas 
Carson, Esq. 

626. Nov. 20, 1823 
John White of Pike Run to Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph 

627. Nov. 20, 1823 
Zenos Leonard to Elizabeth Ritchey of Pike Run. By Rev. 

628. Dec. 13, 1823 
George Newkirk to Maria Bennett of Bridgeport, Fayette Co. 
By Rev. Joshua Munroe.

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