Sprowls Reunion, 1916
Washington Co., Pennsylvania

This photo was contributed to the www.chartiers.com  website by Doris Crowe Greaves of Concord, CA in December 1998. Doris notes:

"This photo was taken in 1916 at the Sprowls family reunion. Bottom row l to r: Jane Jones Ross Crawford, Lucille Jones Hudson, Sarah Jones Carter

Second row: Jim Wright, Jane Sprowls Wright, George Sprowls, Mary Sprowls Howell (James), Jemima Sampson Sprowls (George)

Third row: Vance Sprowls, Emma Small Sprowls (John C), Allie Hitchcock Sprowls (Add), Addison Sprowls, Sarah Sprowls Crowe (Wm Clinton), Nancy Sprowls McGuire (Ben), Albert Montgomery, Dr Sprowls

Back row:Wylie Sprowls, Christina (Anna) Crowe Jones, George Pease Jones, Wm Clinton Crowe"