Workers at Tyler Tube Mill
Washington Co., Pennsylvania

This photo was contributed to the website by Donna Clark of [TBD] in October 1999. Donna notes:

"I don't know alot about the mill. It was what drew my family from Fayette County to Washington. It opened in 1890. I believe it was located where the Brownson House is now. On Jefferson Avenue. They manufactured charcoal iron boiler tubes. It was called Tyler Tube and Pipe Company. I think it was the largest around here. There was also Griffiths Tin Mill in town. Citizens Library has maps of both of them, made about 1904. They closed about 1930. My grandfather wrote that in his notes. I know they were shut down alot, my great grandfather kept a journal and it was always written where they had shut down and reopened. Economic reasons. That's all I know about it.

"This first photo was taken after 1896, but probably before 1900. I don't know who the guys are. If it is online, maybe people will recognize some of them. The guy on the far left, third row, with the big mustache is my great grandfather, Thomas D. Mossburg. On the far right, fourth row, with the light colored jacket and wearing a hat is my great uncle, John H. Mossburg, foreman at the mill."