Bell Anthology - Hewitt part 3

The Raymond M. Bell Anthology

Hewitt-Huyett-Hujet and Related Families of
Washington County (Part 3)
    The name HUJET is found in Rheinland in 1670 and in Dutch Glory in 1804. 
HUYETT is the spelling in Maryland and in Pennsylvania, except for Washington 
County (Pa), where it evolved into HEWITT. There are many other spellings, for 
example, Huet, Huit. 
    The earliest date is August 20-1697, when Peter Hujet (born c1670, son of 
John Hujet, miller at Brucken, was married to Margaret Bruch. Karl Langler says 
that Peter was born at Abentheuer, which is near Brucken. In 1719 Peter Hujet 
with 6 children was living at Achtelsbach, also near Brucken. These villages are 
in present Kreis Birkenfeld, Rheinland, Germany. Peter's oldest son, Sebastian, 
may have died young. His other two sons went to Pennsylvania - Peter in 1737, 
Franz Carl in 1738. 
    Peter settled in Exeter Twp, Berks Co, getting a land warrant April 5-1743. 
His name is on tax list 1753-1766. The last record of Peter is his 
naturalization (PA II 2 396) "Peter Huett of Exeter" April 10 -1766. His name 
is not on the 1767 list. His children stayed in Berks County. No estate has 
been found. 
    Apparently Franz Carl died in the 1750s, possibly in Philadelphia, where he 
was living 1738-39 1746-48. His name is not on the 1756 tax lists of Berks 
County or of Philadelphia. No record has been found in Maryland. His children 
by his first marriage went to Berks County, before going to Washington County, 
Maryland. Perhaps all his children went to Berks. Ludwig was taxed in Exeter 
1760-68, Philip 1768. Elizabeth Hewitt married Jacob Leffler in Berks County 
early in 1762. 
    Franz Carl's children went to Washington Co, Md about 1769. (There is a town 
of Huyett in that county.) Ludwig stayed in Maryland; Philip, Peter, Elizabeth 
went to Washington County Pa about 1774. Nicholas went to Huntingdon County, 
Pa. In 1774 Ludwig Huyett bought land in Maryland from Jacob Miller before Jacob 
migrated to the Dutch Fork settlement in Donegal Twp, Washington Co. Jacob 
Leffler was a neighbor of Jacob Miller in Donegal


   On the ship which brought PETER HUJET (Hugett) to Pennsylvania 
Aug 30-1737 were 16 other families from the region of Wolfersweiler, Saarland, 
where Peter lived: 
BAUM Jacob, John 
FORTUNE Franz, Malachi, Michael 
LAUER Jacob, Michael 
MULLER Andreas, Conrad 
RUTH Christian 
STAUDT Jacob, John 
WOMMER Bernhard (name ahead of Peter)

   On the ship which brought FRANZ CARL HUJET (Huget)to Pennsylvania September 
9-1738 were 7 other families from the region: 
FENSTERMACHER Matthias, William, Jacob 
SEIBERT Jacob, Jacob

   On the ship October 7-1749 which brought MICHAEL HUJET (Huyet) to 
Pennsylvania were 8 other families from the Wolfersweiler region: 
KLEE Michael 
MELCHIOR Christian 
WOMMER Jacob (name behind Michael Hujet) 
WOMMER Michael (son of Jacob, brother of Bernhard, above)

German records (Yoder) show: 
Peter Hujet of Achtelsbach leaves for America, 1737. 
Michael Hujet of Hanweiler leaves with his wife and 4 children for America, 
Michael Hujet m c174l is listed in Berks Co tax records: 
    1754 Robeson Twp - 1760 1762-63 Amity TWP - 1764 Windsor Twp No further 
record has been found.

    The writer has published histories of the Kuntzer, Lauer, Seibert and Wommer 
families, also a book on Wolfersweiler 

A. John Hujet, miller at Brucken, Rheinland 
   1. PETER b c1670, see B 
   2. John b c1675 m Jan 12-1699 Sarah Porcher 
   3. Nickel, sponsor 1699 
   4. Henry, sponsor 1704

B. Peter Hujet b c1670 Abentheuer, living 1719 Achtelsbach with children, m Aug 
20-1679 (at Birkenfeld) Elizabeth Margaret Bruch, daughter of Franz (1650-1704) 
and Elizabeth (Burger) Bruch of Achtelsbach 
   1. (Mary) Barbara b Jan 5-1699 may have d young 
   2. (John) (Se)bast(ian) b Dec 26-1700 
   3. (John) PETER b 1702, baptized at Sotern May 13-1703, see C 
   4. (Anna) Barbara b Nov 9-1704 
   5. child b 1706 
   6. (Anna) Mary b Nov 29-1708 
   7. FRANZ CARL b c1710, see E 
   8. (Anna) Elizabeth b Apr 14-1713 
two of the eight were dead in 1719

C. (John) Peter Huyett b 1702, living Exeter Twp. Berks Co, Pa 1766 
   1. JACOB b Apr 23-1732, see D 
   2. Catharine d young 
   3. Christopher b c1740, taxed Exeter 1764-68, single 
   4. Catharine b Dec 6-1742 d Jan 11-1818 John Heiferich 1743- 1813 
   5. George b Oct 6-1747 d Oct 7-1777 at battle of Germantown 
   6. Philip b 1754 d 1822 m Margaret ---, son Jacob

D. Jacob Huyett (son of Peter b 1702) b Apr 23-1732 d Apr 2-1802 Exeter Twp m 
c1758 Mary Gegin b Jan 4-1735 d Nov 22-1803 
   1. Henry b Apr 28-1759 d Nov 17-1816 m Christiana Beiberer 1759-1841 
Ch: Sarah 1782-1866, Jacob 1784-1842, John 1785-1859, Margaret 1789-1790, 
Abraham 1790-, Elizabeth (Traber) 1791-1842, Mary Magdalena 1793-, Isaac 
1794-1848, Daniel 1796-, Samuel 1798-1852, Henry 1802-1863 
   2. Ludwig b 1761 d Sep 30-1799 m Magdalena --- 
Ch: Catherine, Leah, George 1793-1857, John 1798-1887 
   3. John b Oct 30-1763 d Nov 27-1825 m Sophia --- 1763-1813 
Ch: William, Christian, Philip 1784-, Catharine 1789-1794 
   4. Jacob b Mar 8-1766 d Jan 19-1831 m 1790 Rosina Bechtel 
Ch: Samuel 1794-1874, Sarah (Spangler), Catharine (Spangler), Jacob 1801-1884, 
Elizabeth (Krick), Isaac 1805-1871, Mary (Krick) 
   5. Mary m Frederick Meyerly 
   6. Philip b c1770 m Feb 9-1794 Magdalena Klohs 
Ch: Daniel 1795-, Catharine (Moyer), Elizabeth, Samuel 1805-1854, Margaret, 
Jacob 1810-, Mary (Klohs 1812- 
   7. Catharine b Nov 17-1772 d May 26-1840, single

E. Franz Carl Huyett b c1710 Achtelsbach d c1750s ?Philadelphia m1 spring 1739 
?Mary --- - landed Phila Sep 7-1738 
   1. LUDWIG b Jan 7-1739 Phila - taxed Berks Co 1760-68, See F 
   2. Philip b c1741 - taxed Berks Co 1768 - see Part One 
   3. Peter b c1743 - see Part One 
   4. Elizabeth b 1745 d 1823 m1 Jacob Leffler, taxed in Berks 1760s m2 Casper 
Simler - see Part One 
Franz Carl m2 Mar 7-1746 Gertrude Quattelbaum (daughter of Peter and Barbara) - 
marriage and baptism of Jacobs at St. Michaels and Zion Lutheran Church, 
   5. Jacob b Feb 6-1747 d young 
   6. Jacob b Nov 30-1748 
   7. ?Mary b c1750 d Apr 10-1826 ?m c1767 George Wonsettler 1737-1807 
   8. ?Dietrich killed 1778 in Wyoming massacre 
   9. ?Martin 
  10. Nicholas b 1754 d May 30-1835 (tombstone Manor Hill cemetery Huntingdon 
Co, Pa) m 1780 Elizabeth Gerhart b 1756 d Nov 13-1845 
Ch: David, Jacob b Nov 7-1784, Christian d 1851, Henry, Peter, Daniel, Catharine 
(Eberly), Mary (Armitage), Elizabeth (Lightner)

    Franz was named for his grandfather Franz Bruch, Harvey T Huyett in HUYETT 
FAMILY IN AMERICA says that Franz was brother of Peter (b 1702) and that Franz's 
son, Ludwig, lived in Maryland. In Maryland the names of Ludwig, Philip and 
Peter are together in church records, sponsoring each other's children. The 
names of Ludwig Huyett and Jacob Leffler, brother-in-law, are together, too. It 
seems certain that Philip and Peter were sons of Franz Carl.

F. Ludwig Huyett b Jan 7-1739 Philadelphia d Apr 17-1828 Cavetown, Washington 
Co, Md m 1771 Margaret Potter b Feb 1-1752 d Feb 21-1833 
   1. John b Sep 11-1772 d Apr 12-1833 Huntingdon Co, Pa m Sep 11-1777 Elizabeth 
Grove d 1848 
Ch: Mary (Neff) 1798-1842, Daniel 1800-c1875, Susanna (Neff) 1806-1897, John 
1808-1882, Jacob Grove 1812-1848, William 1814- 1875, Lewis 1816-d yg, Catharine 
(Patton) 1817-1910, Joseph 1820- 1905 
   2. Elizabeth b Dec 11-1778 d Mar 6-1827 m Jacob Tritle 1777- 1851 
Ch: Jacob, Lewis, Susanna (Winter), Mary Margaret (Sangree) 
1808-, Elizabeth 
   3. Margaret b Mar 12-1781 d Jul 29-1865 Huntingdon Co m1 William Hoagmire, m2 
John Swope 
Ch: Daniel, John, Henry, Hannah Mary (Straighoof) 
   4. Jacob b Oct 16-1783 d Oct 8-1840 Md m Elizabeth Ingram 1795-1878 
Ch: Ellen M 1822-1886, Joseph Lewis 1825-1828, Benjamin Ingram 1828-1885, 
Elizabeth Margaret (Beard) 1831-1805, Cynthia Ann 1833-1906, Edward Milton 
   5. Daniel b Jun 10-1786 d May 14-1869 Md m1 Nov 14-1809 Mary Swope 
Ch: Ann Eliza 1810-, Jacob Henry 1812-, William John (b 1788 1813-1879, 
Elizabeth Margaret 1815-1846, Samuel Courtney 1817- 1879, Peter Lewis 1818-, 
Daniel Potter 1819-1820, Henry Swope 1822-, Martha Ann (Ingram) 1824-, Edward 
Augustus 1827- 
Daniel m2 Martha Gaither 1799-1885 
Ch: Elizabeth Julian 1834-1835, Daniel Gaither 1836-1878 /1865 
   6. Mary b Apr 2-1789 d Jul 27-1874 m Jan 22-1809 Henry Knode 1875- 
Ch: Lewis 1810-1874, Amelia (Sharer) 1814-1903, Daniel P 1819- 1889, Jacob, 
William A 1827-1850, Joseph, Maria (Harnish)

BERKS CO, PA tax lists (Pa Archives III, 18 1767-68) 1753-1780 
Exeter Twp - Huyett 
Peter 1753-66 
Jacob 1756-80 
Christopher, single 1764-68 
Ludwig, single 1760-68 
Philip, single 1768

WASHINGTON CO, MD baptismal records 
Zion Reformed Church, Hagerstown
               child            parents
b Feb 17-1771   George Horn     Christopher & Catharine Horn 
                                Philip & Eve Huyett 
b Feb 14-1772   Henry Huyett    Philip & Eve Huyett 
                                Henry Schneider & Margaret

German Evangelical & Lutheran Church, Funkstown
-----           John Horn       Christopher & Catharine Horn 
                                Peter Huyett 
bap Jul 25-1773 Ludwig Huyett   Philip & Eve Huyett 
                                Ludwig & Mary (wife of 
                                Peter) Huyett

FEDERAL CENSUS 1790 - Huyett or Hewitt 
Berks Co, Pa - Exeter Twp 
Jacob  2 0 3 
Henry  2 3 4 
Ludwig 1 2 4 
John   1 0 3

Berks Co, Pa - Cumru Twp 
Jacob  1 1 1

Washington Co, Md 
Ludwig 3 2 4

Huntingdon Co, Pa 
Nicholas 2 5 4

Washington Co, Pa 
Philip 3 2 6 
Peter  1 2 4

       Peter b c1670

Peter b 1702        Franz Carl b c 1710
   sons                  sons
Jacob                 Ludwig 
Christopher           Philip 
George                Peter 
Philip                Jacob (2) 

Addenda to Part One 
Philip Hewitt, Jr b 1784 m Margaret (dau of Gabriel and Barbara) Swinehart - 
lived near Dayton, Ohio

Jacob Hewitt, son of Peter and Elizabeth CONKLE, not SUNEDECKER


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Help has been received from: 
Robert C & Clara Harsh, Columbus, Ohio 
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Charlotte D Hutchens, Ralston, Okla 
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This article was transcribed by Liz DuBois of Bremerton, WA in August 1998.

Raymond M. Bell Anthology     Genealogy in Washington Co., PA

Published with permission of Raymond M. Bell.