Costs have gone up considerably for several reasons. In 2002, a problem occured with the webhosting and I had to wait until the paperwork was completed so I could transfer the site as the Admin contact on www.chartiers.com. During that time, the entire site was duplicated on www.colonialroots.org which was listed in the genweb system addresses, but it seems many people didn't realize the address had been changed and also the redirect from www.chartiers.com wasn't in place. The new hosting company was expensive, sometimes $115 a month because there were surcharges to cover the increasing amounts of traffic to the site. But the new hosting company provided telephone technical support. About April 2003, I changed to a less expensive host with Windows NT servers (instead of UNIX) and in doing so the previous mirror site of required the /default.htm in the address when it didn't when it was on a UNIX server.

2002 - 2005     Georgeann Malowney
2002 - present ?   Jean's backup on www.savory.org
2001 ?   Jean Suplick Matuson
July 2000 - Dec 2000 ?   Jean Suplick Matuson

Below is the text and list that Jean had written before she transferred the site to Georgeann:

While all the labor involved in bringing these pages to you is donated by fellow researchers, the disk space and an internet address (www.Chartiers.com) cost money. If you've found these pages useful, consider sponsoring one month's Web charges.

Beginning in June 1998, our web service provider is Pair Networks of Pittsburgh, PA. The price of the service is $28.95 which includes 120 MB of disk space. And do we need the space!!!!

We'll accept sponsors only as needed to cover costs (see the table below). If you see an empty slot and can help, send us email and we'll let you know if the slot is still open.

No sponsors have come forward since May 2000. Jean who originally created this site paid for hosting until 2002. Georgeann has paid all expenses since 2002.

Sponsors for 2000
June $28.95   Is it you?
May $28.95 Ribbon Dave Sennett
April $28.95 Ribbon Dave Sennett
January-March $87.85 Ribbon Jean Suplick Matuson
Sponsors for 1999
September - December $115.80 Ribbon Jean Suplick Matuson
August $28.95 Ribbon Anonymous Benefactor
July $28.95 Ribbon Linda Day Vourlogianes
June $28.95 Ribbon Linda Day Vourlogianes
May $28.95 Ribbon Doris J. Greaves
April $28.95 Ribbon Laurie Meyers
March $28.95 Ribbon Robert Kirk
February $28.95 Ribbon In honor of Gina Nestor
for her unselfish service to
genealogy in Washington Co.
January $28.95 Ribbon Broc Bebout
Sponsors for 1998
December $28.95 Ribbon Marcy Milota
November $28.95 Ribbon Bill Hallam
October $28.95 Ribbon Bill Hallam
September $28.95 Ribbon Betty Shoemake
August $28.95 Ribbon Jean Suplick Matuson
July $28.95 Ribbon Dorothy Lee
June $24.95 Ribbon

Norma Renz Lenahan

May $24.95 Ribbon

Les Peine

April $24.95 Ribbon

Terry Fillows

March $24.95 Ribbon Neil and Marilyn Morton
February $24.95 Ribbon Neil and Marilyn Morton
January $24.95 Ribbon

Michelle DeVore Brubaker

Sponsors for 1997
December $24.95


Michelle DeVore Brubaker

November $24.95


Douglas R. Emerick

October $24.95


Douglas R. Emerick

September $24.95


Leslie Iverson

August  $24.95  Ribbon  In Memory of  
Goldie Virginia Warne Cauffield 
July  $24.95  Ribbon  Anna Lynn Cauffield Burns 
June  $24.95  Ribbon  George & Mary Ann Plance 
May  $24.95  Ribbon  Janice Virtue 
April  $24.95  Ribbon  Dorothy T. Elwood 
March  $24.95  Ribbon  H. Grimes 
February  $24.95  Ribbon  Alice Nestor 
January  $24.95  Ribbon  Peter and Jane  
Sponsors for 1996
December  $24.95  Ribbon  Michelle DeVore 
November  $24.95  Ribbon  Michelle DeVore 
October  $24.95  Ribbon  Anonymous  
September  $24.95  Ribbon  Jim Allen 
August  $24.95  Ribbon  Jim Allen 
July  $24.95  Ribbon  Jean Suplick